Who is behind these funky gym leggings ?

Combining originality and comfort, YogaArtwear is an affordable yoga legging brand that is creative, breathable, comfortable and fully adapted to yoga practice or dance, ideal workout clothes for women.


Our beginings

French and living in the UK I have always been passionate by fashion and all different styles that people like to wear across the world.

However I find sportswear usually pretty expensive, especially if you wish to combine originality and comfort.

So one of my objective with YogaArtwear was to provide a more affordable Yoga legging brand that can be creative, breathable, comfortable and fully adapted to yoga practice.

Why a focus on Yoga you may ask? I am actually a qualified RYT 200 hours Yoga teacher and I love all yoga apparels.

I started to develop a personal daily practice few years ago, based on Ashtanga Vinyasa to stop worrying, release anxiety and live the present moment.

So with YogaArtwear I am trying to transmit the positive vibes that Yoga may have on our lives.

Now to be honest, it happens to me to wear all black as well! But I tend to keep going with colors to illustrate wellness, open mind and acceptance.

Obviously I would not limit these leggings to Yoga practice only. They are also great for running, travelling or just staying home!

I hope you will like those, enjoy!


Instagram: @boogliyogi

Regarding yoga classes around London please email me on: boogliyogi@yogaartwear.com


"Just wanted to say an enormous thank you ! I really really enjoyed the workshop last night. I feel like you unlocked practice at home for me."


"I wanted to thank you for yesterday's class, it was really exciting. The actual condition of my body doesn't allow me to do the headstand but perseverance is the key.
Thank you for giving me this opportunity"


"Thanks for putting me through my paces at your yoga class, my first attempt and I can safely say I underestimated it."



London, United Kingdom

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