Inspiration: Learning Sanskrit terms has been a bit of an adventure during my yoga teacher training. However the sound and the writing of it is absolutely gorgeous.

It transposes you on another planet and other times. AUM is the sacred sound of the universe and represents a stage of consciousness. It should help us to find focus of our mind during the yoga practice.


Design: Patterned leggings, Sanskrit are grey yoga pants with black and red details. The belt has a green background with a cool design. 


Description: These are high waisted yoga pants for women. Full leg length with flat stitching, they are also comfortable and funky gym leggings. Yoga Artwear uses breathable fabric, so that our products are suitable as hot yoga pants or any other workout clothes for women.


  • Our leggings are available in 3 sizes: XS, S, M

    If you hesitate between 2 sizes, we recommend choosing the smaller one.

    For detailled size specifications: click here => click here

  • We ship our leggings accross all over Europe from the UK, which is why shipping costs will be added later in your purchase.


    As a guideline:

    1 legging delivered to the UK: £4.95

    1 legging delivered to France: £8.20


London, United Kingdom

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