Any new concept designs for our next Yoga Pants collection?


Share your inspiration with us

We are constantly looking for new inspirations to give life to some artworks on our leggings.

​Everyone is welcome to share whether it is your own creations or just inspirations.

​If we love your idea, we would design a legging from it.

The next deadline to submit your idea for our next collection is 31st December 2018.

(Please note that submitting visuals and ideas doesn't ensure you to get your designs turned into a final product on our website.)

What to do next?

1- Simply send us by email to :

  • Your visual:  it could be a picture, a sketch, a drawing, in format .jpg or .png

  • A bit of background:  Where does this idea come from ? How does this idea make you feel? Why do you like it?

  • Your details: your name, your contact details and a suggestion of name for your creation

(Please note that all information shared would remain confidential at your request.)

2- If your idea has been pre-selected, we will get in touch with you shortly to discuss potential adaptations to the brand image and we will finalise the concept designs.

3- YogaArtwear would launch a new “designed by you” product or collection, keeping the rights to use the final images as soon as an agreement has been reached to launch production.

London, United Kingdom

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