Bring art to life!

My brother is an artist, and so are many of my friends.

I wish I had followed my artistic dreams when I was younger.

For the original YogaArtwear collection, our first artist and I identified some themes from our imagination, travels and distant cultures. He turned them into vibrant visuals.

I want artistic creation to be the DNA of YogaArtwear. The leggings will bring these original artworks to life when practicing yoga or other activities.

You may also be artists, with creative ideas for our next collections, but no drawing technique. So please look at the creative page for suggesting and submitting your concepts.

You don’t need to draw very well, it can just be an inspiration or a picture you have in mind and would love to get on our leggings.

I would be so happy to support your artistic work.


Our new artist 2019!

Eric Vanderhaegen grew up in the region of Paris in France.

Getting his degree at the ERG (Ecole de Recherche Graphique) in Brussels, he publishes his own comic books. The latest release is “Chamonix Mont-Blanc”, an environmental fiction story which relates to the attempt of settling antelopes in the French Alpes.
He works as well in collaboration with the e-magazine “Unsighted” with the illustration of many different articles.

In 2019, he is focusing on the creation of a pusblishing house for comic books.



London, United Kingdom

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