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High Waist: for a better support, you may as well notice a cool hidden design inside.

Long to the ankle: no endless, no capri, no shorts. Just a full leg tight legging.

Breathable: you can't hear their ujjayi breath yet, but they do breathe.

No Pockets: you don't need your smartphone to practice yoga.

Flat Stitching: just soft flexible fabric that's gentle to your skin.

Fabric: 88% Polyester +12% Spandex, perfectly flexible for all your asanas.


"I am more than fond of my leggings from YogaArtwear: their design is unique and original, colours are vibrant and the fabric is light and pleasant to wear. I found the price really attractive, they are excellent value for money, definitely a must-have to practice yoga beautifully.
Thanks for creating them and making them affordable."


"Really comfortable pair of leggings that allows every kind of movement. Love the high waist band that makes it stay in place no matter what! And above all, the pattern / bright colours puts me in a instantly good mood for my practice"


"YogaArtwear leggings are as comfortable as they are beautiful. I have been practicing yoga for 6 years, and the intention regarding what I am wearing on the mat is similar to what I am wearing in my daily life: I want to wear something I feel confortable in and that will boost my confidence. It fits me well, the designs and colors are gorgeous and I feel beautiful and unique. 
As a yoga teacher I also want clothes that will stay in place while I am demonstrating, assisting or simply moving through the class rom. I trust YogaArtwear leggings."


"Thank you YogaArtwear for these nice colourful, stylish, comfortable and second skin leggings. Love them"


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London, United Kingdom

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